Hours and times PROVISIONALS  from   **Tuesday 5 May**

TUESDAY from 10am to 3pm
WEDNESDAY from 10am to 3pm
THURSDAY from 10am to 3pm
FRIDAY from 10am to 3pm


2 persons maximum in the shop
When you enter the shop please wait for your turn.
Only one person per family.
Wearing a mask is recommended (According to government guidelines as of May 12, 2020)

The refurbished premises
As soon as you enter the shop, a disinfectant will be at your disposal. The shop will be rearranged to limit travel and respect our social distance of 2 m.
To avoid obvious contamination, the saleswoman will be the only person allowed to touch the wool. 
(The saleswoman will be gloved and masked)
Access to the toilets, café and classroom will be closed to customers.
The cash counter will be equipped with plexiglass.

New way to shop
I know we didn't want to get to this stage but we have to adapt, and so does our wool shopping, that's what we recommend:
1-Visit in the comfort of your own home.  (90% of the stock in store is on the site)
2-Place your order on line and ask for "pick up in the shop" if you can come, (Possibility of delivery)

If you can't shop online :
The sales assistant will allow 15 minutes per customer so as not to keep customers waiting.
1-Represent yourself in store with a project idea, the salesperson will suggest wool qualities and accessories needed for this project.
We STRONGLY encourage contactless payment (no CASH IN CASH).

Security rules
As you already know !  Wearing a mask, cleaning your hands, sneezing in your elbow and social distraction will be the rules to be respected at all times.

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