It is made of real birch or maple wood (depending on production) and a darker laser engraving. The inscriptions are much darker than our old models and it is thicker.

A handmade wooden ruler made in Quebec. The only wooden ruler you will need when making your socks. The tool indicates a size chart for men, women and children.

The inscriptions on the ruler are laser engraved (dark engraving). They will not fade over time. Moreover with its good thickness, it will not deform. And finally as it is made of wood, it respects the environment.

This tool will allow you to measure with precision the length of each part of your stockings.

The ruler is made of real birch or maple wood (depending on production) of 3.5 millimeters (0.14 inch) thickness. It measures 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) long and 5 centimeters (1.97 inches) wide.

The ruler is laser cut, sanded and finally oiled.

Although we take great care in the making of this ruler, it is still a wooden object that may have some variations from one ruler to another such as a great variation in color (see pictures) and some visible marks. The pictures are for reference only.

How it works:

If I want to make stockings for my father who wears size 10 shoes... how long should my stocking be in cm? If I look at the ruler, the men's chart, in the US column (North American sizes), it gives me 28 centimeters.
If I am making stockings for a friend's son who is a size 1, I look at the child chart and I know that his foot is 19.5 cm.
I now make stockings for my mother, I don't need to measure her foot. I just have to discreetly look at the size of her shoes to find out that she is a size 7.5. I look at my ruler, the women's chart, and see that my mother's feet are 25 centimeters. Bingo! I can give her a nice pair of socks in his size.



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